Ambulance Stretcher

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Update time : 2017-01-19 10:38:17

The use of high-quality aluminum alloy aluminum. The structure is light and flexible.
The use of foam cushion, so that the sick and wounded lying comfortably.
Two telescopic handle, easy to lift the Ambulance Stretcher.
Low frame structure, can be moved to the ground, but also to lift the walk.

Technical parameters: Size (L × W × H): 190 × 53 × 55cm
Backrest maximum inclination: 60 °
Front and rear track: 132cm
Load: 159kg
Total weight: 27kg
Can be equipped with infusion rack
Carton packing (1 set)
Size: 192 × 60 × 34cm
Gross weight: 30kg
1, the use of sponge stretcher, the mission of transport comfort, the patient carried on a stretcher, transported by ambulance.
2, if the stretcher needs to raise the head, press the stretcher head below the button to upgrade.
3, when the delivery of patients to reach the ward or destination, pull out the handle, the two can be carried down.
4, stretcher face guard bar with rotary elastic locking device, turn on the barrier, to protect the safety of patients, if necessary, use insurance with insurance;
5, when the patient needs infusion, stretcher side can be inserted into the infusion stand side.
Scope of application:
For ambulance, hospital, field, stadium delivery of sick and wounded use, can also be used for general surgery.
1, the delivery of patients, be sure to turn up the fence to ensure safety.
2, do general surgery, do not cut the stretcher face.
1, often keep clean (including disinfection)
2, often check whether parts loosening
3, storage, transportation is prohibited inverted, at the same time as shown by the stacking stacking box.
Packaging and accessories
1, the stretcher for the carton integrated packaging 2, Annex: certificate, manual
(New products due to fixed pillow bad cleaning, has changed to a whole flat mat)