New Zealand's post-quake rescue efforts continued with the help of foreign warships

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Update time : 2016-11-18 13:18:56


           BEIJING, Nov. 16 (Xinhuanet) - New Zealand's post-earthquake relief and clean-up work is still tense. The number of warships 16 will have arrived in the earthquake-hit Kaikoura town coast, to assist the new authorities to evacuate and rescue the trapped.
According to the British Broadcasting Corporation 16 ed that the earthquake caused Kaikula area road traffic disruption, including foreign tourists, including thousands of people trapped. In addition to helicopters, the new authorities sent a warship to Kaikoura seaside port evacuation personnel. The warships of the United States, Canada and Australia are heading for the port of the town to assist in the evacuation of workers and to carry the necessities and for water, fuel and other post-earthquake reconstruction work.
          New Zealand "Herald" news that the New Zealand Ministry of Defense plans to 17 days before all the people willing to leave the transfer.
Kaikoura is a tourist town that is popular with foreign tourists and is in the heart of the earthquake. The day before, in the new Chinese embassies and consulates in the full cooperation and assistance, trapped in the land of more than 100 Chinese tourists have all security transfer.
          The country's earthquake monitoring agency on the 16th of the previous measurement of the earthquake's 7.5 rise to 7.8. The agency said 14 morning after the earthquake, there are at least 1823 aftershocks occurred. Aftershocks will last for weeks or even longer.
          New Zealand government employed earthquake advisory company, said the affected area after the earthquake about 100,000 landslides occurred, almost across the country's "National Highway No. 1" also encountered more than 50 debris flow cover. The company said the earthquake on Kaikoura town caused the loss is "disastrous", but the local residents did not cause too much damage.
           In addition to Kaikoura, the Christchurch and Wellington post-earthquake clean-up work is continuing. At present, local staff are still closed part of the city road, in order to conduct security investigation. Some of the buildings will be demolished because of the "collapse hazard".

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