Stretcher steps

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Update time : 2015-04-28 15:12:46

Stretcher steps

1, the upper rear stretcher mounting tray on the left side of the black handle rotation angle of approximately 25 degrees to the right (in this case the pallet with the car fixed latch between the base release), then back below the mounting tray (about 25 degrees or so) can not be pulled out until it pulled up.

2, hand fixed stretcher, hand pallet fixing the tail on the right side of the black rotary knob to the left about 25 degrees (in this case the latch on the stretcher and fixed between the pallet is released), then the car will slow stretcher slow drag, the car has a stretcher bracket liter straight after the front bracket liter straight.

3, through the above steps, the car moved to a stretcher from the ground in the process.

4, the front end of the car with the stretcher fixed pallet groove alignment.

5, the upper left end of the tail stretcher lift up the handle flat, folded bracket at this time before the stretcher, the stretcher along fixed operators continue to push forward to the pallet grooves can not push so far.

6, after which the rear end of the stretcher on the right side of the handle upward lift level, this time on the stretcher after stent collapsed, operators continue to push forward the stretcher.

7, until the stretcher pushed to the rear of the stationary pallet The latch firmly, then lift fixed pallet level to push forward with the car fixed base, then the process is completed on stretcher.