The hospital cart management method: "5S"

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Update time : 2015-03-04 20:57:18

The hospital cart management method: "5S"

"5S" is popular in a fine management law of corporate Japan, is Japan's "5S" Chinese translation. Includes 5 aspects, namely the regular organization, often rectify, often clean, often standard, often self-discipline. "5S" is used to create and maintain a good working environment, an effective technology to enhance corporate image and competitiveness.

Standardized management of the rescue vehicle, to ensure the quality of the rescue and medical safety, reduce unnecessary medical disputes. In order to improve the patient's satisfaction, according to the requirements of the core system of nursing, all the rescue goods and medicines should be guaranteed, and the complete rate is 100%. Using traditional methods to manage the rescue vehicle, according to the requirements of each shift or weekly, monthly check on the car of the items and drugs, will waste a lot of time and energy.

"5S" is the 20th century 1950s originated in Japan, in recent years in companies, restaurants, schools and other units widely promoted, "5S" is a kind of quality management method, it is used to maintain an effective technology for environmental quality, advocate from dribs and drabs do daily things up, recognize conscientiously, steadfast to do every thing. The specific content of a regular organization, often rectifying, often clean, often standardized, often self. It comes from 5 Japanese words, all is the beginning of the s, it is also known as 5S.

We passed the "5S" management method, can effectively improve the car rescue drugs, the intact rate of items. In the traditional management of emergency rescue vehicles, nurses in accordance with the provisions of each class of rescue drug car, goods handover, but repeated count is easy to cause the transfer of ideological paralysis made inventory becomes a mere formality; due to the rescue of the items inside the car is complete, is convenient to take and use, often working personnel to extract features, such as rescue drug inside the car loan, the sphygmomanometer was diverted and a syringe is borrowed etc., resulting in rescue car drugs, missing items. By changing the rescue vehicle common first-aid medicine base, has not eliminated the commonly used drugs, avoid the waste of rescue drugs; the traditional rescue vehicle handover, a variety of drugs and articles by repeated counting, repeated exposure, caused by drug identification and item wearintensifies to ensure the integrity of the rescue items inside the car. We must often change, resulting in a waste of resources, improve the management, reduce the nurses with objects, drug exposure, reducing wear on drugs, goods, avoids the waste of resources, improve the utilization rate of the failure period; drug paste early warning signs, first, to protect the safety of medication, but also save resources, saving the cost of department.

The practice results show that after the implementation of "5S" management method base qualified rate, effective period qualified rate, clean and qualified rate, registration qualification rate, emergency medicine knowledge rate, extract time pass rate, rescue cooperation satisfaction rate were higher than that of the prior to the implementation of the increase.

Through the implementation of "5S" management method, sequestration rescue truck, car items can not be free to take, guarantee the quantity and quality of the goods in the emergency vehicles that application of 5S management, standardize hospital emergency cart management, perfect management system, placing all emergency medicine and goods quantity, location, neat, unified logo eye-catching, clean body, registration is complete. Both standardize the management of the rescue vehicle, and enhance the quality of nursing management.

In addition, through the implementation of "5S" management, standardize the rescue vehicle management, improve the nurse quality management awareness and consciousness of emergency, improve the nurse quality, work enthusiasm and work efficiency. Through the implementation of "5S" management method, each nurse master first aid skills, familiar with the first-aid medicine knowledge, first aid cart in the first-aid medicines and articles without loss, expired, to save the patient relationship to find the time, check the season, about the time, and reduce the occurrence of error, ensure the medical safety and save the doctor to nurse with satisfaction rate can be increased.

In short, each nurse is involved in management, and consciously abide by the rules and regulations for a common management objectives, so that everyone's work more secure, more comfortable, and enhance the sense of unity and security awareness.