CPR Keychain

Item No.: KCH01
CPR Keychain help overcome hesitation to start resuscitation.
Description Specification Why Use CPR Mask


  • There is one-way valve to avoid any direct contact between the patient and rescuer on mouth, nose and face.It can be used for artificial respiration.
  • Help overcome hesitation to start resuscitation.
  • Can be done by inexperienced helpers.
  • Transparent dome allows rescuer to visually check for patients lip colour and vomitus.
  • It is compact in shape,so it can be placed in everywhere.

Model No KCH01
Material Nylon
Color Optional
Product size 5*5cm
Packing size 65*35*26cm,1000pcs/ctn
Net weight 11kgs
Gross weight 12kgs
Packing detail packing in carton


1.  In CPR, mouth-to-mouth has been the traditional way of ventilation in an emergency situation. With CPR mask first responders can provide immediate respiratory support without having any concerns about infectious diseases and the inherent unhygienic nature of the practice thus removing any natural reluctance to carry it out.

2.  To prevent the backflow of oxygen.