Ebola Isolation Stretcher

Item No.: MTR-02

1. The products are mainly used for isolate and transport of respiratory infection disease patients. prevent the further spread of the pathogen, reduce the rate of infection of medical staff.
2.The cabin use high quality,durable, transparent, no release, non-toxic plastic material,sealing zipper.
3.The isolation stretcher use the principle of negative pressure to prevent the polluted air leak.
4. Using high performance canister filter the polluted air in the cabin,to achive the air filter.
5.The downdraught fan provide a continuous and constant airflow in the cabin, to make the internal air get continuous replenishment.
6.The downdraught fan use Lithium battery to charge,can continuous use 8-10hours.
7.The isolation stretcher have 8 handles,convenient for transport patients.
8. Cabin have 8 sealing covers, convenient for medicine, food and examination of the patients.
9. Ad hoc an oxygen supply interface,can be connected to the standard oxygen supply device,convenient provide patients oxygen supply.
10. Opening the sealing cover,medical personnel equip with rubber gloves before they are allowed to operate.

Size: 185*70*37 cm
N.W.: 12kgs