Isolation Stretcher

Item No.: MTR-01
Portable Soft Isolation Stretcher

*Products: Products are mainly used for the isolation of potent respiratory diseases transporting members to prevent the spread of pathogens, reduce health care infection, its working principle is to establish and maintain a negative pressure environment within the chamber sealed by a negative pressure generating system, cabin air pollution is not after purification can not overflow, and thus play an effective health care protective effect; fresh outside air through the water can be added in real time to the cabin, the cabin is reasonable to maintain the fresh air and oxygen concentrations, can provide a relatively comfortable environment for the patient. 
*Using high-quality, durable, transparent, non-release, non-toxic plastic pods, use sealing zipper. 
*The principle of negative pressure isolation stretcher to prevent contamination of cabin air leakage. 
*Use high efficiency filter canister filter contaminated gas tank, to achieve the air filter
*Exhaust fan provides cabin interior for a continuous constant flow, the internal air to get continuity supplement
*The use of lithium-powered blower, 8-10 hours of continuous use
*The isolation stretcher has eight handles for easy transporting patients
*Cabin features eight closures, easy to medicines, food, and checking patient use
*Ad hoc an oxygen supply interface with standard support device is connected, the cabin will be convenient for the patient oxygen supply
*Open closures medical personnel equipped with rubber gloves before they are allowed to operate