Manual Transfer Stretcher

Item No.: MHS113
Manual Transfer Stretcher

Castor Diameter: 15cm
Low Position : 57cm           Maximum height :86cm
Total length : 190×60cm
Head section : 75×60cm        Leg section :115×60cm
Backrest maximum adjustable angle :45°
Function description :
This manual stretcher designed for a rapid and safe mobilization of critical patients , for their transportation from the emergency room to the ward and from the ward to the various diagnostic rooms .

1.Equipped with central-brake system , stable and reliable , with the direction castor system,easy to control the direction .

2.The height adjustable from 57cm---86cm

3.Backrest maximum angle : 45°, any position within the angle range can be locked

4.Equipped with two folding side-rails and an adjustable I.V. pole , an oxygen-tank folder

Technical features :
Headrest area can be lowered and raised up to a 45° angle .
Total length : 190cm                     Total width : 60cm
Head section length: 75cm                 Leg section length : 115cm
Steel structure
Complete with foldable side-rails , adjustable I.v. pole , removable .
Totally foot-control brake system .
Oxygen tank holder and lockers .