Cold Light Ceiling Mounted Operation Illuminating Lamp

Item No.: YD02-5Z
Excellent cold light:adopting LED as light source,without temperature rising. Excellent daylight quality and CRI meet the illumination needs of the doctors. Long service life:LED life is up to 30,000 hours.Energy saving and environment-friendly.
Description Technical Parameters Installation


In YD02-5Z Cold Light Operating Lamp adopts light sources from different positions for focus, providing illumination for surgical operations and medical examination and reducing shadows produced by different pars of medical workers. Illumination can be adjusted according to practical requirements. The lamp is fit for lighting for surgical operations and medical examination in hospitals.

Main Technical Data

  YD02-5 (Led) (Common Arm)
Illuminance(Lux) ≧100,000
Colour temperature(k) 4800±300
Colour reduction index(Ra) 93
Illuminance depth(mm) ≧500
Total irradiance (W/m2) 480
Size of light field (mm) 160-220
Lamp head diameter(mm) 160
Rated power of bulb(V/W) 3.2/1
Service life (H) ≧50,000
Power supply voltage(V/Hz) AC220/50
Lowest height of installation(mm) 2300-2600
Bulb Led bulb 
Warranty  1 year
Delivery time  3-5days
2YD02-5Z Cold light operating lamp(Common arm).jpg


The attentions to install fixed plate:


The ceiling must be able to load 500kg weight.


If the height of ceiling is more than 3.2m,you must fix a extension frame .(You may order from our factory)


User’s ground wire should reliably connect with product's ground terminal(yellow green line).


The ceiling mounted shadowless operating lamp is belong to heavy pensile product,its safe service period is 10 years.


If the producthas any change, subject to change wihtout priornotice.


(Apply to various kind of ceiling mounted operating lamp.)