Isolation Chamber Stretcher

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Update time : 2022-06-09 12:51:39

The utility model relates to a negative pressure isolation stretcher, which comprises a stretcher vehicle and universal wheels arranged on the vehicle frame. The stretcher is characterized in that a stretcher cabin is arranged on the stretcher vehicle; the stretcher cabin comprises a rectangular frame body and a plastic curtain cabin body; the left side and the right side of the cabin body are respectively provided with a cabin door zipper; a plurality of windows are arranged on at least one side of the cabin body, and each window is connected with a rubber glove; a soft cushion is arranged at the bottom of the cabin body; an exhaust blower is arranged at the top of one end of the frame body; the air inlet of the exhaust blower is provided with an efficient filter, and is connected with the cabin body; the lateral wall of the cabin body at the other end of the frame body is provided with an air inflow filter; a switch of a power supply, a switch of the blower and a pressure meter for displaying pressure in the cabin body are arranged on the control plate of the exhaust blower; the stretcher cabin of the negative pressure isolation stretcher is arranged on the stretcher vehicle. When the stretcher is pushed on the ground, manpower is saved, and the stretcher can be used conveniently. The efficient wind inflow and outflow system maintains negative environment in the cabin body, and prevents staff and environment from pollution. The negative isolation stretcher is particularly suitable for treating local or single paroxysmal infectious disease case, and has practicality.

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